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65th Annual Gold Medal


65th Annual Gold Medal Sunday Pairings



DATES: Friday, June 1 - Saturday, June 2 - Sunday, June 3
START TIMES: Saturday: 7:30a (Limited to first 40 players to request) / 1:30p Shotguns; Sunday: Tee Times starting at 8:30a
FORMAT and GENERAL RULES: 36 Holes, Individual Stroke Play.  All Open Division play will be from the White tees on Day 1.  Open Division play will be from the Blue or White tees on Day 2.  All Senior Division Play will be from the Yellow tees. All female participants will have the option to play from the Red tees.  The Ball will be played "up" in your own fairway only, down in the rough.  Green surrounds on the hole you are currently playing will be considered your own fairway.
  • Open Division (flighted field): $140/$155 w/ Par 3 Contest
  • Senior Division (flighted field): $120/$135 w/ Par 3 Contest
  • Junior Division: $60
PAST CHAMPIONS: 2016 Open Divison: Shane Smith / 2016 Flighted Division: Michael Holtz / 2016 Senior Flighted Division: Augie Wuellner -- 2017 Open Division: Jake Marriott / Flighted Division: Scott Horton / Senior Division: Kerry Russell
OTHER FEATURES: The GGO Par-3 Contest will be played Friday, June 1.  This portion of the GGO will be open to ALL, regardless of participation in the Godfrey Open.  $20 Entry (if not pre-purchased) includes cash prizes.  THIS YEAR'S FLIGHTED DIVISION CHAMPION, in addition to having his or her name on the winner's plaque at the Club, will receive the "Gold Jacket" courtesy of Chapel and Keller Dentistry

 Eric Howes
 Roy Harrison  Jack Cronn  Gerald Anderson  Craig Briley 
 Michael Holtz  Nick Messinger  Morgan Carrow  Scott Robertson  Corey Schelle
 Ray Morales  Jack Patterson  Pete Allen   Chris Smith  Bob Kane
 Doug Messinger  Jeff Heinz  Matt Cress  Scott Horton  Jeff Rodgers
 Scott Wyant  Chris White  Jordan Herndon  Gary Huntsman  Tommy Allen
 Brian Gebben  John Wynn  Danny Selby  Matt Sparks  Ryan Hansen
 Andrew Hopkins  Scott Downs  Will Morris  Gharmai Desu  Vern Morris
 Derrick Wright  Kyle Hogan  Johnny Stimac  Jack McKinney  Jared Hogan
 Brian Beckvold  Mark Boyce  Aaron Funk  Christian Heavens  Gerald Mozur
 Tony Schwartz  Robbie Steen  Corey Choate  Craig Hohnsbehn  Eddie Barrett
 John Kelly  Dan Williams  Scott Redman  Randall Robins  Jason White
 Zach Peters  Dan Morelli  Chris Kane  Roger Phillips   Joe Schwartz 
 Clint Cress  Steve Kane   Bryce Morris  Doug Neuebar  Tom Shocart
 Bobby Gable  Zach Deeder   Justin Bell  Derek Hall   Chad Campbell 
 Marco Tallerico  Chris Lilley  Mark Coffey  Sam Coffey  
 Tom Walsh
Mike Hudock
Sam Laughlin   
 Vince Featherson  
 Joe Brooks  
 Mike McDermott  
 Derrick Wright
 Mike Hogan
 Audrey Cain  Emma Hill